Collagen Isn’t A Hype, It’s A Nutritional Powerhouse

It’s the word on everyone’s lips, Collagen. It is the new buzzword in health and wellbeing, and for a very good reason! Unlike all other trends or hype, collagen is the real deal. It is the fundamental building block to increasing your inner health and outer glow: nourishing inside and out with a boundless list of beauty and wellness benefits. As the most abundant protein in the body, it simply holds us together! It’s found in skin, ligaments, cartilage, tendons, muscles, bone tissue, blood vessels, intervertebral discs, gastrointestinal tract, and even in the cornea of the eye.

But as we age, the amount of collagen in our body decreases and by 25, after which collagen levels are decreased at a rate of 1.5% a year. By age 40, collagen is depleted faster than it is produced! And by age 60, over half of the body’s collagen has been depleted. But other lifestyle habits can bring collagen production to a screeching halt, which include smoking, sun exposure, and an unhealthy diet. Some health conditions may also deplete your collagen storage, and without replenishing this crucial building block, you will most likely start to see wrinkles and sagging skin, or even experience joint pain.

Not all collagen is the same. 

There have been many ‘according to science reports’ and clinical human studies on collagen, but the problem is that many studies have been performed by the people selling collagen supplements themselves. Clearly, there is an obvious bias toward publishing good results, but this is where we at Ellactiva® differentiate ourselves.

We will share with you the robust trials that are published in peered reviewed journals in a promise to deliver results with complete transparency.

The Scientific Proof that Collagen& Increases Skin Elasticity1

Collagen ensures cohesion, elasticity, and regeneration of the skin promoting younger looking skin, whilst improving skin moisture and smoothness that improves the signs of deep wrinkles and improves skin suppleness.

A study with 69 women aged between 35 and 55 years revealed that the specific bioactive collagen peptides® used in Collagen& leads to significantly higher skin elasticity – up to 15 % – compared to placebo treatment. This effect could be measured after just 4 weeks of treatment and persisted after 8 weeks of taking.

1. Proksch et al. (2014). Oral Supplementation of Specific Collagen Peptides Has Beneficial Effects on Human Skin Physiology: A Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study, Skin Pharmacology and Physiology, 27:47-55

Significantly Reduces Wrinkles2

Another study with more than 100 women aged between 45 and 65 years shows that in ingesting the specific bioactive collagen peptides® used in Collagen& (2500 mg/day) significantly reduces wrinkles after 4 weeks and leads to a significantly higher skin pro-collagen concentration

2.  Proksch et al. (2014). Oral Intake of Specific Bioactive Collagen Peptides Reduces Skin Wrinkles and Increases Dermal Matrix Synthesis, Skin Pharmacology Physiology. 27:113-9

Significantly Decreases Cellulite And Raises Dermal Density 3

As well as keeping your skin glowing and healthy, collagen is also known to improve the appearance of cellulite, which whilst it isn’t a health concern, it is something that women cite as one of the things that lowers their self confidence.

A study with 105 women aged between 25 and 50 years shows that the daily oral intake of 2500mg of the specific bioactive collagen peptides® used in Collagen& significantly decreases their cellulite score. The effect was measured after 3 and 6 months supplementation, which also showed the beneficial effect on skins extracellular matrix, restoring the normal structure of the dermis and subcutaneous tissue. 

3. Schunck et al. (2015). Dietary Supplementation with Specific Collagen Peptides Has a Body Mass Index-Dependent Beneficial Effect on Cellulite Morphology, Journal of Medicinal Food.18:1340-1348

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Promoting growth and health of fingernails4

For many women, well-groomed fingernails are an inseparable part of an attractive appearance. But many women suffer from cracked or chipped nails, as well as nail peeling and nail roughness. 

In a recent study, a daily oral intake of 2500mg of the specific bioactive collagen peptides® used in Collagen& led to a statistically significant improvement in nail growth after 3 months of treatment. At the same time, there was a notable improvement in nail peeling and a clearly decreased nail edge irregularity. 80 % of the women in the group were completely satisfied.

4. Hexsel et al. (2017). Oral supplementation with specific bioactive collagen peptides improves nail growth and reduces symptoms of brittle nails. Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology.16:520-526

But The story doesn’t end there!

This vital protein is much more than a beauty booster, its benefits make it a powerhouse for wellness inside and out! Nourishing you from within for benefits including;

Hair: Collagen can help to thicken and strengthen your hair, as well as increasing its growth rate.

Muscles: Collagen helps to increase lean muscle gain and tone.

Joints: As you age, cartilage weakens and deteriorates, leading to stiff and achy joints. Collagen helps to rebuild joints, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and connective tissues. It also assists in muscle recovery and joint pain.

Organs: All organs are made of collagen, so supplementing assists in arterial strengthening.

Stomach acid secretion: collagen helps to regulate stomach acid secretion, helping to prevent heartburn, stomach ulcers and other digestive conditions caused by an overly acidic environment.

Digestion: Collagen soothes and heals the digestive tract and helps repair the mucous lining. It also helps break down the protein and fat from foods, making them easier for the body to digest.

Anti-inflammatory: Collagen has anti-inflammatory effects due to it being rich in amino acids, which also play an important role in the building of joint cartilage.

Ellactiva®’s Collagen& sugar-free chew range was created as an effective, enjoyable way to deliver a superior collagen complex, alongside a whole array of additional vitamins and minerals to boost not only how you look, but how you feel.  The supplements are a natural and easy way to increase collagen production, something that we can all benefit from regardless of age, with consecutive use yielding even better results over time.