Beauty From Within And What That Means To Women Over 50

Many brands continue to fail to appreciate or respond to women over 50, who have an increasingly influential status in family life. They need to take her out of their blind spot and this is why!

She is an extremely savvy spender, not a spendthrift, but a shrewd shopper who spends time hunting down a bargain and loves to bag a great deal! 72% look online regularly to compare prices and find deals.

And the single ladies, who account for 28% in this group, are thriving. Divorced or separated and often in no hurry to take a jaunt back down the aisle. These ladies, often referred to as the ‘silver singles’ – another marketing faux pas – are finding advantages in having no one to answer to but themselves. They pursue their own interests and feel empowered by their independence.

She believes style is not defined by age.

82% of women in this group believe that clothes aimed at them are way too old-fashioned, whilst similar numbers (86%) believe that style should not be defined by age. Clearly they may not want to dress like they perhaps did in their twenties, but women in and over this age bracket still want to dress with style and feel great in what they wear.

The huge untapped potential of these powerful consumers has prompted a wave of influencers, who are taking matters into their own hands. We are seeing more and more women in this age group, effortlessly styling their own fashion blogs, social feeds and content that reflects their self-knowledge, confidence and real understanding about what flatters them most. And good look to them!

Age no longer dictates the way women over 50 live their lives and it is these women now who are driving this change.

The potential for innovation by brands that invest time in understanding this complex, strong-minded and discerning group of women, who are primarily driven by their values and passions, is enormous and one that Ellactiva® is keen to embrace.

She celebrates beauty at any age

In August 2017, beauty magazine Allure – the US’s best-known beauty magazine – announced it was to stop using the expression anti-ageing. “Whether we know it or not, we’re subtly reinforcing the message that ageing is a condition we need to battle” Yet ‘anti-ageing’ has been a beauty byword since the 1980s. A term conjured up by an advertising exec to sell products to older women and one that we have seen for over 40 years.

But there are winds of change in the offing! Anti- ageing is out-of-date. “A new focus on natural radiance has distracted women from other concerns such as ageing,” confirms Alex Fisher, senior analyst at Mintel. And with the right to celebrate beauty at any age, we are seeing marketers and brands reach out to celebrity influencers. L’Oréal boasts Helen Mirren, Susan Sarandon and Julianne Moore on its roster and Lancôme even re-hired Isabella Rossellini in 2016, having dropped her twenty years earlier!

The anti-ageing rhetoric of the beauty industry is in fact rejected by 68% of women over 50, who just want honest, hard-working products that that are quick and easy to use, and make them feel and look healthy, radiant and less tired.

The Ellactiva® Collagen& range aims to tick all of the boxes for the 50 plus female consumer with its delicious and convenient soft chew format, packed full of collagen to power-up your beauty routine. And, furthermore, each product in the range has a unique blend of vitamins, minerals and prebiotics to supplement and support Immunity, Energy or Healthy Bones.

It’s possible to choose your own perfect combination, whether you take them to awaken your skin’s glow based on preferred flavour alone, or enjoy them as a mix and match from the whole range to suit your individual wellness needs.

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