Lynne Hyland, Beauty Director of The Sunday Mirror’s Notebook Magazine, Loving The Glow Collagen& Gives Her

Lynne Hyland, Beauty Director of the Sunday Mirror’s popular Notebook Magazine looks postivitely radiant ahead of this year’s Christmas party season.

Impressive to see as at this time of year, when the combination of cold, wet windy weather, central heating and a little too much partying can play havoc with our skin, leaving it dehydrated and looking dull.

Her striking complexion and youthful glow recently had her followers on instagram showering her with compliments, such as, ‘are you actually getting younger’, ‘glowing ’ and ‘beautiful’!

Music to our ears at Ellactiva, as Lynne started taking Ellactiva’s Collagen& chews in September 2018, and went on record soon after, writing within the Notebook Beauty section: “There’s evidence showing collagen supplements do make a difference to elasticity and wrinkles, but I’m useless at taking them. That is until I found Ellactiva Collagen&. These chews combine collagen with nutrients for immunity, energy or bone health and taste so delicious I never forget to take them. Honestly the most pleasurable part of my beauty regime.

So, is this the answer to an all year round glow?

Although we are able to replace some collagen from food that we eat, many factors such as pollution, smoking, alcohol and, of course, ageing continue to play a significant role in its degeneration. Nutritionally replenishing our bodies with a superior collagen, such as Ellactiva’s Collagen& chews, helps give skin its firmness and elasticity, hair its strength and lustre and significantly improves weak or brittle nails…..all contributing enormously to the vitality associated with a youthful and radiant appearance. But less commonly known is collagen’s significance for maintaining inner health – found in muscles, bones, tendons, blood vessels and the digestive system. How it benefits you inside and out is remarkable…it simply serves as the ‘glue’ that holds the body together, preventing the decline of its internal and external integrity.

So if you are looking for ways to have super healthy looking skin in 2019, whilst nourishing yourself from the inside for benefits beyond skin deep….make sure you try Ellactiva’s Collagen& chews. Throw them in your hand bag, take to the gym, on holiday, to work…wherever you are going.. you choose where and when to eat your 3 daily beauty and wellness power-ups!

Here’s to a glowing Christmas and 2019!

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