The Best Beauty Tips From Our Own Mothers

Mother knows best, as they say. From helping with our schoolwork to holding our hand on our wedding day, we can rely on Mum to give us the love and support we need.

This Mother’s Day, we’ve spoken to a range of women of all ages to find out the best tips their mothers gave them on their beauty regime. Leg shaving and eyebrows appear to be a common theme for mothers passing on their wisdom to their daughters – here are their no-nonsense words of advice.

Embrace the steel…not the iron

“My mother’s advice was that the most effective remedy for puffy eyes was the back of a cold spoon! Plus, she always said that plucking your own eyebrows with tweezers was best. ‘Eyebrows are sisters, but not twins, so don’t make them the same,’ she would say. She’d also say that winter was no excuse for yeti legs! She’s a wise one, but an odd one!”


“This one is straight out of one of my favourite rom coms but it still applies! My mother told me never to iron my hair like she did. Thankfully, I think straighteners have advanced a lot since then!”


Baring all

“Short and sweet – my mother said never to go to sleep with my makeup on, and to use baby oil on my face!”


“I don’t wear makeup because my mother told me I didn’t need it to be beautiful. One helpful tip to which we can all relate is on shaving our legs. She told me not to shave my legs because it was a ‘lifetime commitment’. She advised wax instead, and I’ve been a lifelong devotee ever since!”


“We probably all made this beauty blunder when we were teenagers, but today this message still rings true. Make sure your neck always matches your face!”


Cleanse, tone and moisturise

“My mum is a total style guru. She taught me how to style my hair, shape my brows, line my lips, look after my eyelashes, and how to make my eyes look bigger with eyeliner. On the skincare side of things, she taught me how to moisturise and which serums would work best for my skin type.”


“My mother was never one for getting her hair and makeup done, so I’ve picked up my own tips and tricks! One thing I will be telling my four-year-old when she’s older is not to play around with her face. Stay away from surgery and simply moisturise. A well-maintained pair of eyebrows will work wonders, though!”


“Mum had a lot of views on makeup – she said you should always take it off at night, and never use old makeup. She was a fan of moisturising too, and warned me never to dry shave!”


“Don’t neglect your neck! Mum always told me to make sure I added my neck to my moisturising routine, otherwise it would end up looking like a pair of Nora Batty’s tights!”

  • SUE, 55, RETIRED 

…and a little tip from us

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