Ellactiva, Collagen& Immunity WINS Global Beauty Shortlist Wellbeing Award!

Collagen& Immunity soft chews has received its first awards success, despite having only been launched in October last year. 

Selected as editor’s choice within the Wellbeing Awards category 2019, Collagen& Immunity is one of three soft chew format collagen products that have been created as the ideal beauty and wellness solution for women looking for a more convenient and effective way of improving their holistic all-round wellbeing. 

Marcelo Bravo, creator of the product and founder and CEO of Oxford Pharmascience said: “To have received such recognition for Collagen& so soon after its launch is extremely rewarding. Acclaimed across the industry, the beauty shortlist and wellbeing awards success serves to underline our claims, which are supported by rigorous scientific research and clinical trial procedures that have been published in peer reviewed journals, of the overridingscientific and health benefits that Collagen& is capable of providing.” 

As a tasty and convenient way of not only delivering what Ellactiva claims is the optimum required levels of Bioactive Collagen Peptides®, 2500mg, from which younger, plumper and smoother skin will be realised within as little as four weeks, Collagen& feature an exclusive range of blended multi-nutrients to provide benefits that go beyond skin deep. Not surprisingly, as they replenish and enrich the body from the inside out, they are already challenging the likes of collagen powders, creams, pills, shots and gels. 

With no added sugar and intrinsically valuable prebiotic fibres that deliver a flavoursome and natural sweetness, Collagen& can be mixed and matched across three enjoyable flavours. Singled out at the awards was Collagen& Immunity – deliciously juicy, blackcurrant-flavoured soft chews that uniquely combine inulin fibre, plus zinc, selenium and Vitamin C to help support the normal functioning of the immune system, whilst giving skin a youthful and radiant appearance.  

Now in its 8th year, The Beauty Shortlist Awards is global for the third year running, 2019 marking the first year for the inaugural Beauty Shortlist Wellbeing Awards that are set be a permanent fixture on the awards calendar going forward. Both awards are sponsor and ad-free, and every product has been thoroughly tested by judges in London/UK, New York and Sydney.

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