Lynne Hyland Talks Beauty, Wellness & Me!

We are thrilled that Lynne Hyland has recently taken part in our Beauty, Wellness & Me series…. and made us all smile with some of her comments!

Lynne, busy mum of 2 and super lovely Health & Beauty Director at the Sunday Mirror’s Notebook Magazine, trialed and loved Ellactiva Collagen& soft chews when they were first launched in October 2018. Always discovering and testing lots of new health & beauty products within her role, we are simply delighted that Collagen& soft chews remain a staple part of her beauty regime!

Read more to see what other products Lynne loves… it is likely you will want to try a few of them yourself….

Describe yourself in 3 words 

Crazy cat lady

What does wellness mean to you? 

Enjoying good, tasty, healthy food, rather than wasting time taking pictures of it. Life’s too short to let avocado on toast go cold.

The one step of your beauty regime you couldn’t miss out?

I’m in my 40s; frankly there are about 50 steps I couldn’t miss out on. But if I had to pick just six things, I’d say

1: Daily SPF30+ without fail. I especially like the Ultrasun range for its staying power and no chalky residue.
2: Benefit Bad Gal Bang mascara. I’m always asked what I’m wearing on my lashes.
3: Ghds irons. I’m so proud I can finally straighten AND curl now.
4: Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away concealer, which is a saviour for my dark circles.
5. St Tropez tan. I’ve used their express mousse for years and have just got into their new clear bronzing gel which is great for overnight tanning (no smell or marks on sheets).
6: Regular tweakments with Dr Tapan Patel at the Phi Clinic, who’s a magician and a gentleman.

The beauty and wellness advice you would give your younger self?

Don’t attempt to dye your hair using your mum’s food colouring. And if you must do it, perhaps not in a bathroom with a pale blue carpet?

Your dream wellness goal for 2019?

A dream goal in every sense – to get eight hours’ sleep every night. In reality, it doesn’t happen very often but when it does, it feels amazing.

Your go-to fitness activity?

Power Plate. I do 30 mins first thing at Powerzone Fitness Studios in SW London, then bounce into work buzzing and feeling smug that I’ve done my workout for the day (and it’s totally OK to say yes that morning biscuit).

Collagen& soft chews: Orange, Blackcurrent or Caramel?

It’s a toughie but either the orange or blackcurrant – they’re like eating Starburst while being all virtuous and healthy. They’re a staple of my daily skin regime now, alongside SPF and retinol. They’re easy and delicious to take, and I think they make a real difference to my skin.

Your guilty pleasure?

I’d say eating chocolate for breakfast, except I never feel guilty about that.

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