The Science Behind The Best Value Collagen For Skin!

High quality collagen products that have been specifically designed for skin benefits..

…typically come in liquid “shot” form. Most delivering un-optimised  5-7g of collagen peptides in a daily dose.  Not many have scientific clinical data behind their collagen peptides but the data that is available for un-optimised collagen peptides states that 10g per daily dose is required to start delivering benefits. 

Ellactiva Collagen& soft chews offer the best value amongst high quality collagen products specifically designed for skin benefits. 

Not only delivering, what is the scientifically proven necessary dose of optimised and hydrolysed Bioactive Collagen Peptides® to see visible skin benefits in as little as 4 weeks, but Vitamin C and other valuable multi-nutrients too. Providing exceptional and additional health benefits in each of its unique forms, to support Energy, Immunity or Healthy Bones.  

A unique patented soft chew format that delivers more benefits

Ellactiva’s Collagen& patented soft chews not only taste great and are convenient to carry around but incorporate unique blends of essential minerals and vitamins to deliver multiple benefits. The soft chew format does NOT NEED stabilisers or preservatives, unlike liquid “shots” which are incapable of delivering insoluble nutrients or preventing Vitamin C degradation. The patented formula uses prebiotic soluble fibres instead of sugars, which not only give the chews their sweetness but provide health benefits, whilst also helping rapid dispersion of the ingredients in the stomach, providing better absorption than from pills or tablets. Ellactiva Collagen& Energy and Collagen& Immunity are unique in that they also deliver 3g of prebiotic fibre per daily dose.

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