Ellactiva® Collagen& Soft Chews Launch In Hong Kong

London, July 31, 2019 – Oxford Pharmascience Ltd announced today the launch of Ellactiva® Collagen& soft chews in Hong Kong in partnership with Mannings, the leading Asian health beauty retail chain. 

Specifically formulated to support inner health and outer glow, and available in a unique, patented soft chew format, Ellactiva® Collagen& will initially be listed in 220 stores before being rolled out to about a further 100 stores in central Hong Kong following an initial trial period.  

Oxford Pharmascience launched Ellactiva® Collagen& in the UK online last October, the product now also being available via select premium outlets including Harrod’s and other leading London-based health and beauty specialists.

Significant by being Ellactiva’s first launch outside of the UK, this latest development supports Oxford Pharmascience’s plans to work with partners in other key geographies around the world in order to build Ellactiva® Collagen& into a global phenomenon. Serving to provide further impetus to the Hong Kong launch is the success Ellactiva®Collagen& achieved at the recent 2019 Asia Food Innovation Awards. Announced at FoodBev Media’s second annual Asia Food Innovation Awards ceremony that took place at Suntec, Singapore recently, Ellactiva®Collagen& was a finalist in the Best Health/Wellness Product category.  

“Given the size and dynamism of the Hong Kong market, and the influence and access it provides to the mainland Chinese consumer, we believe this partnership with Mannings will prove an important milestone in our global expansion strategy,” states Oxford Pharmascience CEO, Marcelo Bravo.

About Ellactiva®Collagen& 

Ellactiva®Collagen& is a branded dietary supplement brought to market by innovator and patent holder, Oxford PharmaScience Ltd. Manufactured in world class facilities in Switzerland, the product is clinically proven to deliver the required levels of readily absorbable Bioactive Collagen Peptides®, 2500mg, from which visible skin benefits will be realised within as little as four weeks. What’s more, Collagen& is uniquely combined with multi-nutrients, including vitamin C, prebiotic fibre and minerals to provide additional wellness benefits aimed at different wellness needs.

Helping sustain energy levels is Ellactiva®Collagen& Energy, supporting the normal functioning of the immune system is Ellactiva®Collagen& Immunity, whilst helping maintain healthy bones is Ellactiva®Collagen& Healthy Bones. So as well as delivering younger and smoother looking skin by replenishing and boosting natural collagen production, mixing and matching the three delicious flavoured chews – orange zing, blackcurrant burst or creamy caramel – Ellactiva®Collagen& serves to promote total body wellness by delivering ‘inner health and an outer glow’.

Ellactiva®Collagen& soft chews are an exciting product that deliver fast results, fit with ease into a busy lifestyle and promote healthy habits that are easy to sustain for women who seek efficacy and convenience.

Delivered in modern and stylish, on-the-go packaging, each chew is individually wrapped in convenient ‘take me with you’ 10 unit sticks, and so easily becomes part of a healthy regime.

The product is available online from – www.ellactiva.co.uk– and comes with an RRP of £29.99 per pack. (60 chews). Consuming the recommended daily dose of three chews equates to £1.50p per day.  

About Mannings

Mannings is Hong Kong’s largest health and beauty products chain store, with more than 350 outlets throughout the territory, providing a wide range of quality health care, personal care, skin care and baby products to a broad spectrum of consumers. It has also been proactively providing innovative services and leading the industry to serve the needs of health and beauty for the general public. Mannings has been awarded by the Hong Kong Retail Management Association’s through their Mystery Shopper Program as the “Best Service Retailer” for six consecutive years. Mannings has also been voted as the “No.1 Customers’ Favourite Brand” in a customer’s telephone survey conducted by Ipsos for 14 consecutive years (2004 to 2017).

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