New Ellactiva®Collagen& Soft Chews Receive Further Awards Success

Less than 12 months since its launch in the UK last October, Ellactiva®for life Collagen& soft chews has received its second awards success, this time as finalists in the 2019 Asia Food Innovation Awards. This latest news follows Ellactiva®Collagen& Immunity being selected as editor’s choice within the 2019 Beauty Shortlist and Wellbeing Awards in March. 

Announced at FoodBev Media’s second annual Asia Food Innovation Awards ceremony that took place at Suntec, Singapore recently, Ellactiva®Collagen& was announced as finalists in the Best Health/Wellness Product category.  

Commenting on this latest award success, Marcelo Bravo, creator of the product and founder and CEO of Oxford Pharmascience said:

“To have received further recognition for Ellactiva®Collagen& so soon after its launch is extremely rewarding. The awards celebrate the food industry’s latest R&D achievements across Asia and serve to underline our claims, which are supported by rigorous scientific research and clinical trial procedures that have been published in peer reviewed journals, of the overridingscientific and health benefits that Ellactiva®Collagen& is capable of providing.

“We have highlighted Asia as an all important market for Ellactiva®Collagen&. Indeed we are set to announce a major and exciting initiative with one of the region’s leading health beauty retailers, something this latest awards success will help to accelerate,” adds Marcelo.  

Manufactured in world class facilities in Switzerland, Ellactiva®Collagen& is a clinically proven, tasty and convenient way of delivering the required levels of Bioactive Collagen Peptides®, 2500mg, from which younger, plumper and smoother skin will be realised within as little as four weeks. What’s more, Ellactiva®Collagen& feature an exclusive range of blended multi-nutrients to provide benefits that go beyond skin deep. Not surprisingly, as they replenish and enrich the body from the inside out, they are already challenging the likes of collagen powders, creams, pills, shots and gels. 

With no added sugar and intrinsically valuable prebiotic fibres that deliver a flavoursome and natural sweetness, Ellactiva®Collagen& can be mixed and matched across three enjoyable flavours. Ellactiva® Collagen& Immunity comes in a deliciously juicy, blackcurrant-flavoured soft chews that uniquely combines inulin fibre, plus zinc, selenium and Vitamin C to help support the normal functioning of the immune system, whilst giving skin a youthful and radiant appearance.  

Ellactiva® Collagen& Energy, with their zingy orange-flavour, are fuelled with high levels of Vitamin C to help maximize collagen synthesis, which contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism, soluble fibres, resistant starch and chromium picolinate to help maintain glucose levels in the blood. 

Completing the soft chew trio is Ellactiva®Collagen& Healthy Bones. Whilst also featuring high levels of Vitamin C to help maximise collagen synthesis, the added calcium and Vitamin D in these deliciously creamy, caramel-flavoured soft chews supports bone health by combating the deterioration of bone strength. 

Delivered in modern and stylish, on-the-go packaging, each chew is individually wrapped in convenient ‘take me with you’ 10 unit sticks, and so easily becomes part of a healthy regime.

The product is available online at –– and comes with an RRP of £29.99 per pack. (60 chews). Consuming the recommended daily dose of three chews equates to £1.50p per day. 

About the Asia Food Innovation Awards 

The Asia Food Innovation Awards are designed to recognise and reward excellence across all aspects of the Asian food and beverage industry, from manufacturing and development to packaging and finished products. They offer a fantastic global platform for new and innovative products and brands to reach an international audience of thousands. The Asia Food Innovation Awards are organised by FoodBev Media, in partnership with Restaurant, Pub & Bar Asia and Speciality & Fine Food Asia. 

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