Watch Out Now! – Look This Damn Good With Ellactiva® Collagen& Soft Chews

With an ever increasing number of pro-Collagen& consumers relishing the benefits of this latest, premium beauty and wellness collagen supplement, founders Ellactiva®for life has gone LIVE with its first video commercial that promotes the virtues of what is an already award winning product in an uplifting, happy and carefree spirit. 

With both a food and beauty award title already under its belt in less than 12 months from launch, Ellactiva®Collagen& Watch Out Now is aimed at women interested in boosting their holistic wellbeing. This is emphasised by the video serving to visually express the lyrics of the supporting Chaun Davis sound track – ‘It’s gotta be against the law to look this damn good. Watch out now!’ 

Indeed not only has the product attracted profound levels of interest from the awards sector, the same can also be said of a number of leading celebrity followers and product advocates. Since Health and Beauty Director of the Sunday Mirror’s Notebook, Lynne Hyland, first laid claim to Ellactiva Collagen& being

‘the most pleasurable part of my entire beauty regime’,

many more followers have joined the ranks of pro-Collagen& supports, including the likes of Seema Malhotra, who claims: 

“All my girls say they can see the difference already and my skin does feel firmer too… I love this brand and there is zero sugar!” 

Cheshire House Wives’ Rachel Lugo on the other hand, views Ellactiva®Collagen& as, “my new skincare miracle…a new collagen and wellness range…which is perfect for women who are busy and looking for tasty and easy ways to get a real beauty and wellness boost – so that’s most of us.” 

Also keen to sing the product’s praises is Carol Wright: 

“My family, including my husband, has noticed the results and I feel great. I can’t think of a tastier or easier way to replenish my collagen.” 

So with it definitely not being ‘against the law to look this damn good’ by taking Ellactiva®Collagen& soft chews, what is it that is making this product stand out from the also rans, be it powder, cream, pill, shot and gel format?

“It’s due to Collagen& not just being a superior skin care product, but a holistic beauty and wellness solution that comes in a convenient and tasty soft chew format. In essence, Ellactiva®Collagen& fit with ease into a busy lifestyle, whilst promoting healthy habits that are easy to sustain for women who seek efficacy and convenience,” states Marcelo Bravo, creator of the product and founder and CEO of Oxford Pharmascience.

“Manufactured in world class facilities in Switzerland, the product is clinically proven to deliver the required levels of readily absorbable, optimised Bioactive Collagen Peptides®, 2500mg, from which visible skin benefits will be realised within as little as four weeks. What’s more, Ellactiva®Collagen& is uniquely combined with multi-nutrients, including vitamin C, prebiotic fibre and minerals to provide additional wellness benefits aimed at different wellness needs,” he added.

Helping sustain energy levels is Ellactiva®Collagen& Energy, supporting the normal functioning of the immune system is Ellactiva®Collagen& Immunity, whilst helping maintain healthy bones is Ellactiva®Collagen& Healthy Bones. So as well as delivering younger and smoother looking skin by replenishing and boosting natural collagen production, mixing and matching the three delicious flavoured chews – orange zing, blackcurrant burst or creamy caramel – Ellactiva®Collagen& serves to promote total body wellness by delivering ‘inner health and an outer glow’.

Ellactiva®Collagen& soft chews are an exciting product that deliver fast results, fit with ease into a busy lifestyle and promote healthy habits that are easy to sustain for women who seek efficacy and convenience.

And so back to the video. “We wanted to really bring the product to life, in a happy, confident and uplifting way, and Watch Out Now does just that. After all, Life is about looking forward and not back, and one where time is better spent adding life to years and not years to life, irrespective of age,” concludes Marcelo.

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