Wellness 2021 Campaign

Do you have a wellness hack that has massive impact on your life?

If the answer is YES we would love to feature you in our Wellness 2021campaign.  Selected participants will be featured in our monthly Ellactiva Wellness Times newsletter as well as on our Facebook and Instagram feed.

Those selected to be featured will receive a surprise gift from the Ellactiva Collagen& or BOOST immunity range!

What do you need to do?

Make a short video that illustrates what your hack is all about.  Alternatively take a few photos, such as:

–  a picture of you, ideally in your “environment” doing whatever that it is that you do

– a picture of your “must have” items to make your hack happen

–  a picture of your city or surroundings, perhaps what you see when you look out of the window

Send us a few lines of what is it that you do, what prompted you to do it, when did you start doing it and how has it worked for you.

Make it fun, it’s all about sharing and inspiring others to take on a new Wellness habit.

Where to send the footage?

Please email or WeTransfer your video or photos as well as written copy to info@ellactiva.co.uk

Thank you so much!

Team Ellactiva

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