Wellness 2021 Campaign – Amanda’s Grounding

We  have asked our customers to share a wellness hack that has massive impact on their lives and we will be featuring a selected participant every month.  Amanda Taylor, Chief Commercial Officer at Master Investor and a yoga teacher in training has kindly shared her top hack to support her mental and physical health.

Amanda Taylor

I discovered grounding through my growing interest in longevity and biohacking.  This journey started with floatation therapy.  I had been learning about meditation and struggling so wanted to try in a floatation pod to see if sensory deprivation helped.

During my first visit to the floatation centre, I got chatting to the owner who was a keen biohacker and he told me about some resources which led me to a film called the Earthing Movie. The documentary reveals the scientific phenomenon of how we can heal our bodies by ‘grounding’ or connecting bare skin to the ground.  At first it sounded a bit farfetched but after watching the documentary and hearing some the health benefits, it made some sense and I knew I had to try it.

I started by tagging on barefoot grounding for 10 minutes after a run or by doing my yoga practice directly on the grass in the garden. In July 2020 I really got to put grounding to the test…I had a horse related accident resulting in a fractured eye socket and broken nose needing surgery.  I continued with my daily grounding as much as possible and not only did my time outside in nature make me feel better during my recovery but I had many comments from family and friends about the speed with which my wounds were healing.  I obviously can’t be sure that this ‘super healing’ was down to my daily grounding practice alone but I do really feel that it helped.   Grounding is now something I try to do at every opportunity, I’d encourage everyone to watch the documentary and perhaps give grounding a try.  My next step is to try out barefoot running!

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