Glowing Skin Starts from Within

Gut health has become increasingly prevalent when we talk about general wellness. Our mental health, physical condition, and skin are all somehow connected to our microbiome, the trillions of bacteria and microbes living in our gut. 

Through complex immune mechanisms, the influence of the gut microbiome extends to involve distant organ systems including the skin. Imbalances in the gut microbiome manifest themselves in some capacity. More often than not, these complications will appear on our skin.  It is not a surprise that when it comes to skin health, more and more studies are linking good skin to a healthy gut. Scientists have found links between gut health and skin issues such as eczema, acne and rosacea.

Healthy glowing skin reflects how healthy you are on the inside and starts with nourishment from within.  There is an increasing body of research demonstrating that the modulation of the microbiome via probiotics, prebiotics, and synbiotics can be beneficial in the prevention and/or treatment of inflammatory skin diseases including acne and psoriasis but the starting point for healthy glowing skin is a healthy diet.  In very simple terms, make sure that what you eat includes colourful fruits and veggies, healthy fats and plenty of water and avoid foods that are highly processed and high in sugars.

At Ellactiva®  we are strong believers in the power of prebiotics to help you balance and nourish your healthy gut microbiome.  Prebiotics are a class of dietary fibres found in some plants, including bananas, chicory root, garlic, Jerusalem artichokes and onions.

A healthy balanced diet rich in prebiotics will make you  feel healthier in general and will be the best skin treatment you can get.


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