Wellness 2021 Campaign – Dot’s Daily Yoga

We have asked our customers to share a wellness hack that has massive impact on their lives and we are featuring a selected participant every month.  Today is International Yoga day and we are celebrating by featuring Dot Merriott who has enjoyed a powerful transformation through Yoga and shares her passion with us below.

Dot Merriott

“Just a word… “

In my mid-sixties, six years ago, a friendly neighbour mentioned that he ..”did yoga every day”.   A young, active, enterprising chap, I couldn’t understand how he fitted what I saw as “selfish“ time into his full-on family, international commitments and academic research. But we live forwards and learn backwards.

I can now see my route from Anxious Granny, to the person I am today, starting from that conversation. People who read this blog are already on this road of change, by considering investing more in themselves. You, reading this short post, could be the touchstone-influencer who makes a difference to the physical and mental well-being of someone else.

Daily yoga gives me the time to take stock, I enjoy the pause. It revives my flexibility and strength of body. Thoughtful breathing shapes my emotional mind, my ideas, my loving affection and spirit. It is now a daily pleasure.

On my circular galaxy yoga mat the rest of my world has to wait, outside its circumference, before my brain-voice takes over with a “Busy List”. Post cancer, my bones ache less. I am stronger, more flexible in mind and body. I suspect I’m braver.  I’m leaner, springier, arthritic fingers are less painful. In other words, I feel less like an Anxious Granny !

My daily gratitude book records how positive I am, despite the past eighteen months of viral restrictions. So I thank the friend who ousted my acceptance of ageing, and moved me towards a better, older life.

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