Wellness 2021 Campaign – Tammy’s Outdoors

We have asked our customers to share a wellness hack that has massive impact on their lives and we will be featuring a selected participant every month.  Dr. Tamsyn (Tammy) Clark from Oxford has kindly shared her top hack to support her mental and physical health.

Tammy Clark

For me, wellness is outdoor exercise. Running, cycling, swimming, rowing and doing a bit almost every day. Even if it isn’t going to be the fastest run or the longest cycle, getting outside to do something always leaves me feeling better. When time is tight, I try to incorporate it as part of my daily routine – cycle to work, lunchbreak jog. The best part though, is exploring new routes and places, albeit sometimes difficult when the ‘pingdemic’ hits, and Zwift beckons!

I maintain that the hardest part is often getting my kit on and stepping out the door! Go for it, even if you’re tired or you’re not at your fittest put your shoes on and go!

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