Wellness 2022 Campaign – Maria’s Cooking

We  have asked our customers to share a wellness hack that has massive impact on their lives and we will be featuring a selected participant every month.  Maria Skinner from Oxford has kindly shared her top hack to support her mental and physical health.

Maria Skinner

I walk regularly  but I don’t practice any sports nor particularly focus on fitness. For me nonetheless it is really important to stay active, specially after retirement, and I have to say I am a very busy person even though I retired a while back. 

I have many hobbies and do a lot of crafts but for me the two activities that have the most impact on my wellness are cooking and  being continually involved in social activities with my friends.  Cooking is not only a great pastime, it is also hard work, it keeps the mind fresh and it also means you are eating real food which is the basis of wellbeing.  I have a lot of friends in Oxford and we are continually organising dinners and we all cook so the two things come together.

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