Ukrainian Probiotic Beet Kvass

A growing body of research shows that a diet that includes a regular intake of fermented foods can bring benefits. Fermented foods are preserved using an age-old process that not only boosts the food’s shelf life and nutritional value but can give your body a dose of healthful probiotics — live micro­organisms crucial to good digestion and that can help boost immunity.

This Beet Kvass is a delicious Ukrainian probiotic drink. It is made simply with beets, sea salt and water. This probiotic drink takes just 10 minutes to prepare but you will need to allow 2 weeks for fermentation.

To make this, simply dice or slice beets and add them to a large jar. Add any optional extras you like and top up with brine. Leave to ferment for 2 weeks or longer if you prefer a stronger kvass. Refrigerate and strain when you wish to drink.


2 beets

3 cups of water (use filtered water as tap water may inhibit fermentation due to the chlorine)

1 heaped tbsp of salt (do not use iodized salt as this will inhibit fermentation too)


  1. Dice or slice, two organic beets with the skin on. Do not peel as the bacteria in the skin aids the fermentation process.
  2. Place the diced beets in a sterilized 4 cup jar. Add any of the optional extras you like.
  • Mix 3 cups of filtered water with 1 heaping tablespoon of himalayan or sea salt. Pour this brine into the beets, leaving an inch of headroom at the top.
  • Cover the jar with a loose fitting lid and place in a bowl or baking dish (to catch any drips). Place in a cool, dark, dry place.
  • You can place the kvass in the refrigerator once you are happy with it. Strain if you like or you can leave the beets in like I do. If you notice any white foam appearing on top, don’t worry – it is harmless. Simply skim it off with a spoon and discard
  • To use, strain the kvass into a cup and drink a few ounces daily.

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