Wellness 2022 Campaign – Firoozeh’s  Mountaineering

We  have asked our customers to share a wellness hack that has massive impact on their lives and we will be featuring a selected participant every month.  Firoozeh Salt Willans from Oxfordshire and Haute Savoie has kindly shared her top hack to support her mental and physical health.

Firoozeh Salt Willans

My precious days, months, years are studded with wellness. It is an intentional and conscious blessing to myself. My “Interior Tahiti” enjoys prayer, meditation, yoga and siestas!

The interior is interwoven with exterior pursuits, predominantly in the French Alps…. Skiing, hiking, and a new favourite, snowshoeing. Feeling alive in the timeless eternal majesty of nature, whilst enjoying a core team of friends to challenge, edify and encourage moi!

For me, nature purifies an inner silence, sheds the constellation of concerns for a deep, wild, bright confidence. Life explodes with significance incorporating these imperial rhythms into daily life.

As Bear Grylls says “just get your kit on”.

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