Wellness 2022 Campaign – Marieli’s Open Water Swimming

We have asked our customers to share a wellness hack that has massive impact on their lives and we will be featuring a selected participant every month.  Marieli Jimenez from Miami has kindly shared her top hack to support her mental and physical health.

Marieli Jimenez

As many others I walk a tight rope balancing work, raising my daughter and other responsibilities.  Working from home has been great because I can be more efficient with my time but it also means it is easier to bring office stress into the home and harder to disconnect.

What has really helped me both physically and mentally and to find time for myself is swimming.  I was an avid swimmer when I was younger and it has been great to get back to it after so many years.  I swim with a group of friends at a local pool during the week but my real joy is in open water swimming on the weekend.  I am very lucky that I live in Miami and I have plenty of places where I can enjoy wild swimming.  Going out into the ocean is a unique experience that gives me a real sense of adventure and freedom and a gives my body and mind a massive boost.

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