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Our products are designed to meet your specific nutritional needs, whatever your age. It’s our belief that by using innovative and natural food science to get the right nutrients into your diet everyday, we can help you stay active and healthy, for life!

ellactiva® Calcium Chews address a major health concern for everyone – bone health. Using a natural milk mineral and vitamin complex that’s really easy to absorb, the chews provide you with calcium from Calcium Carbonate, as well as phosphorus and magnesium, all essential for strong, healthy bones. They come in a delicious caramel flavour, and what’s more, all you need is two a day to get your recommended daily intake of calcium.

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Calcium Chews

ellactiva® Calcium Chews contain Calcium Carbonate, to help you achieve the recommended 1000mg of calcium per day. Plus Vitamin D3 to assist with absorption.

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FiberPlus by ellactiva® contains Inulin, a fiber found in many fruit and vegetables, to help boost metabolism, curb cravings and promote weight control.

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