We use several cookies to ensure you have the best experience:

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytic cookies to track basic usage of our site, this does not include any personal or identifiable data but may include the URL that you used to get to our site, and the URL that you left our site with. 

When these are disabled Google Analytics will stop tracking your activity on our site.

More info about Google Analytics and their privacy policy can be found here.


This is an essential plugin to manage email preferences and automation on our site. This is also used to combat fraud in the checkout area, including tackling fraud on our referral program.

To control your email preferences for this plugin you can in your account settings or go here.

WordPress Session Cookies

These cookies do not track and are required to keep a user logged in and manage their session. These cookies are deleted when you leave the site.

Consent tracking cookies

These are essential cookies which simply track your cookie consent settings, ensuring your preferences are kept. If you do not interact with these for 30 days, they will expire and your preferences will be reset to opt out.

WooCommerce Cookies

These essential cookies do not store personal information. These cookies are required to keep track of your cart and one will give you a unique customer ID to help us find your cart data form our database, allowing you to shop on our site. These are not set until you interact with our eCommerce system, e.g. adding an item to your basket.

More information about these 3 cookies can be found here.

Mail Chimp

We use a popup on our home page to signup for our newsletter via Mail Chimp. This is a preference indicator cookie that simply remembers if you closed the newsletter popup.

Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel is an optional tracking cookie that is used for us to track the performance of our Facebook marketing campaigns. For more information about the data this cookie gathers please visit this page and this page. Additional changes to your privacy with these cookies can be made in the facebook account settings area.

JavaScript and cookies

Our opt-in system uses Javascript, by default non essential marketing cookies are not set regardless of if you have JavaScript enabled. If JavaScript is disabled we can’t guarantee you will see a cookie popup or that you will be able to opt-in to marketing cookies. We recommend that you do not disable JavaScript in your browser as not only is it used to help with cookies but also in some functionality on our site.