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Collagen &


in a delicious sugar-free soft chew

This is the Ellactiva logo, it says "Ellactiva - for life"

The chews taste so delicous I never forget to take them – in fact I look forward to it. It’s the most pleasurable part of my entire beauty regime.

Lynne Hyland, health & beauty director, contributing food editor, Notebook, Sunday Mirror

Proven to replenish and boost natural collagen production,

for visibly younger, smoother looking skin in 4 weeks.

This is an image of 3 boxes of Ellactiva Collagen, there is Collagen Immunity, Collagen Energy and Collagen Healthy bones, each package contains 60 chews and a range of vitamins.

Packed full of high potency collagen and unique blends of pre-biotics, vitamins

and minerals for total body wellness.

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